Friday, June 19, 2009



Usman said...

Information about Evoca:
o Allows you to create a recording using your phone, PC mic, Skype™ or upload an existing recording.
o 15 minutes for free
o 2.95 per/month for 10 hours of recording (you get 30 day free trial)
• Evoca numbers → has 313 for Michigan and 2 for Texas and other states.
o 29.95/mo for 20 hrs.
• access to more numbers
o 49.95/mo 40 hrs
• toll-free number and other numbers available.
o There are multiple ways for making the audio available automatically. You can have new files post automatically to your blog in a player or even have RSS feeds put right into Blogger.
o They have multiple programs for educators:

Usman said...

Also, on the right of this blog you can see that there is a list of downloadable Phone Recordings. These were created using an Evoca RSS feed. It automatically updates and posts to Blogger.

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